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Overcoming distance

The robot holds the ultrasound transducer and the robot can be controlled from anywhere. This extends the reach of the sonographer from arms length to as far as the internet can reach. Medirob is designed from the beginning for distance examinations.

To enable distance examinations we provide a complete telemedicine system that complements the robot.

Changing the game

Cardiac ultrasound is an important tool for diagnosis, monitoring or exclusion of many heart conditions. It takes extensive training and long experience to become good at performing these examinations. Sonographers and cardiologists are typically stationed at the larger regional hospitals. Commonly patients must be referred to or even admitted to a ward at the regional hospital for cardiac ultrasound examination.

Any care unit can now provide advanced cardiac ultrasound for their patient through distance examinations. There are many situations where telemedicine is a better option and sometimes the only option. By putting Medirob Tele in health care clinics or emergency departments, cardiac ultrasound becomes much more available. Unnecessary hospitalisation can be avoided for emergency patients with ambiguous heart symptoms. Heart deficiency patients will need to travel less and process time is shortened. Resources are used more efficiently saving time and cost in the healthcare system.

Timely diagnosis and treatment.
Less travel.

Care unit
Raised competence.
Better efficiency.

Cost reduction.
Equality in healthcare.


A study published in JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, comparing distance examinations with Medirob Tele versus the traditional process with remittal, was conducted by Prf. Kurt Boman and Mona Olofsson together with Peter Berggren (MD), Partho Sengupta (MD) and Jagat Narula (MD,PhD).

Robot-Assisted Remote Echocardiographic Examination and Teleconsultation
in JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, Volume 7, Issue8, August 2014.

A local healthcare center in a rural area was equipped with the Medirob Tele system for distance ultrasound examinations. Patients were randomly selected to either be examined with robot or to go the traditional route of remittal to the regional hospital for cardiac ultrasound examination. The total process time for a patient was reduced significantly with robot examination. Patients are overwhelmingly positive towards robot examination and not having to travel. The four part communication between patient, general practitioner, sonographer and cardiologist is excellent. Information is shared and questions addressed immediately.

Medirob Tele

We offer a complete telemedicine system for advanced ultrasound examinations. Medirob Tele makes it possible for any care unit to offer their patients echocardiography through distance examinations. Medirob Tele uses the same robot technology as Medirob Ergo.

In the telemedicine application of Medirob, cameras let the patient and the sonographer see each other. Conversation is natural thanks to audio with high quality and clarity. Additional controllable cameras let the sonographer view the patient from multiple angles making it easy to position the transducer. The ultrasound equipment is controlled remotely by the sonographer. The sonographer can view the ultrasound image remotely in real time in full resolution, full motion and high quality. A nurse is always present in the examination room to help the patient and assist with ECG etc.

Key features of Medirob Tele

Remote ultrasound

An important part of remote examination is the ultrasound machine, which of course is at the patient's location. The sonographer must be able to control it remotely and to see the ultrasound image. Image quality should be as good as viewing it directly. There must be very little delay to achieve a positive user experience. We want to avoid any modification of the ultrasound machine.

Typical KVM systems and remote control software are not good alternatives. We have tested many of them. Our remote control solution is taylor made for the specific and very tough requirements of telemedicine.


  • Ultrasound machine 100% stock. No extra software.
  • Supports any display output (HDMI, DVI, dP, Analog).
  • Full resolution high quality image. Visually identical to original.
  • Full motion video at 30 frames per second.
  • Low latency for responsive feedback (under 200 ms).
  • Low bandwidth usage.
  • Full remote control of keyboard and mouse.
  • Full remote control of all special functions*.

* Dependent on manufacturer willingness to provide information. Full support for Terason.